Monday, June 7, 2010

Deodorant progress, and the ripple effect. And lots of cooking!

Got lots to talk about today! First off, I did make that deodorant on Friday. I've ended up having to use my fingers to apply it, just because try not to use A/C, and the coconut oil won't stay solid, but it seems to work OK. I'm damp but I don't stink. Today will really be my first full day using it, so I can't endorse it yet, but so far I survived hiking on Saturday, and hours of cooking yesterday: not quite as well as with the store-bought stuff, but with 100% less aluminum and parabens.

Speaking of cooking, yesterday was 'make lunches for the week' day, among other things. We cooked for three hours! Rich, of course, made some entirely non-paleo items that he's been craving (taco pie and corn pudding), so we've got a fridge full of stuff right now, since mine had to be separate. We've got egg and potato salad out the wazoo, which is unfortunate since I won't eat much of that; it has potato, after all, and the rest of the store-bought mayo. At least now I have a good reason to try to make mayo next time we want some. We made 5 potato's worth of sweet potato chips, which, again, I'll have to try to eat sparingly; we did make them with olive oil, but the sweet potato does have carbs.

However! My lunches! I pulled out the crock pot and made a few semi-sous-vide style meals. Three quart-size freezer bags in the crock pot for about an hour and a half: one containing beef and italian-style homemade dressing, with leeks; one containing cream and vindaloo curry with two tilapia fillets; and one Atlantic salmon, surrounded with cream cheese, dill, and leek. (Yes, in a second meal. Turns out one bunch of leek - three stalks - is a lot of leek.) I also made quite a bit of leek, red onion, and green pepper stir-fry. I already ate one of the tilapia fillets for dinner yesterday, and it was awesome. Looking forward to some of the beef today. Speaking of which, I'm getting hungry.

Ripple effect! A while ago I bought Take Control of Your Fertility, and loved it. Lent it to my sister. Now she loves it too. Whoo! No more hormones for me, and no more for someone I care about! Highly recommend this book. (Disclaimer: I bought the book. Neither the author nor publishing company has given me anything. I hate this disclaimer stuff.)

I have an exciting week coming up. Gym tomorrow, out with friends Wednesday, getting farm-fresh veggies Saturday, and cooking class Sunday. Oh! And not being on-call for work! Waking up a few times an hour does nasty things to one's sleep cycle. The dreams get intense and crazy. The dreams are sometimes fun; the absolute necessity of a large coffee in the morning is not. One more night and we're done with that for almost two months.


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