Friday, June 4, 2010

100-Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge!

Tricia over at Lean Mean Roomie Machine posted her 100-day Paleo Challenge. As a result, I've decided to do my own; 100 days will get me to one month before the wedding, and so it's Important.

I modified it a little from the one Tricia is doing. You can see the little piece of paper I am now carrying in my purse.

Food basics:
Eat meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fat.
No sugar, grains, or legumes. Light on dairy, starch.
Out of 100 days, you may eat 20 special meals.

Gym once/week, 1 hour high-intensity.
Running or similar once per week.

That's about it, but we'll see if I can keep it going. Oh! And blogging!

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